Are You Still In The Game?


It’s been almost four months since I began individual training sessions at my gym. While my commitment remains, I noticed that other responsibilities were creeping in, causing rescheduling of my sessions and threatening my rhythm. I was concerned because I know that after 12 weeks of any specific activity, I can become bored. Was this the reason that my scheduling was becoming difficult? I mentioned this to a friend who said, “Maybe you should try something new.” I felt a slight pang of fear, imagining me floundering without my training sessions. No way could I allow that to happen! Then it occurred to me. Add something else to boost the impact of my individual sessions. So I decided to participate in 2 ongoing group classes conducted by my trainer. Though I did not feel major concern, I did note that most of the class participants were about half of my age. Nonetheless, I embraced the opportunity to see what I could do. What a wonderful experience it was to observe my capacity to be fully engaged and performing well above the bottom level in the class. I was holding my own…still in the game! Now I will tell you, some of the moves required significant effort and, as a “new comer” in the class, slight variation in movement. Amazingly, I was able to challenge myself to do moves I had been fearing and to see my potential for doing even more. My plan now is to keep attending the individual sessions while participating in group sessions. I plan to work toward my best level now rather than focusing on what my best level was years ago!


  • Have you challenged yourself recently or are you plodding along in your activity and not acknowledging or addressing your need for something new?
  • Are you testing your level to ensure you make progress toward greater goals?
  • Are you measuring yourself and assessing your success against unrealistic goals?
  • Have you continued your commitment to yourself?

Remember the statistics about how many people stick to New Year’s resolutions. Maybe it’s because they have not addressed these questions. If you need to get back on track, answer these questions for yourself and stay in the game!


Until next time…


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