Get Onboard…

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to more than 100 women over the last two weeks, most recently at a tea/luncheon that included a fabulous fashion show! The women were professional, beautifully attired, impeccably groomed, and clearly had paid attention to all details of their appearance. During the course of my remarks, I asked many of the questions I’ve been asking you. Had they recorded information about their health history? Had they been sharing that information with their children in an organized way? Had they been engaging their physicians around the concerns they had or seeking second opinions in instances where appropriate? Had they assessed their resources with respect to friends or were they relying upon job and membership acquaintances? Had they adequately planned for their lives and for the lives of their families in the event of an untoward incidence of their illness or in the event of their demise? Were they seeking help with figuring these issues out? Were they aware of the impact of their mindset on their actions or lack thereof? Did they realize that all of these categories of action fell into the It’s All About Me (IAAM) category of activity? Were they thinking that the hair salon, the nail salon, and the clothing store were more important than organizing their health and wellness, their personal resources, and their fiscal or estate legacies? So few of these woman who spent time, effort, and money on assuring the perfection of their outer appearance had made the investment in assuring that they were taking care of the other critical issues in their lives. By so doing, they would be freed from the anxiety I saw on their faces as we talked about these issues. Could it be that they just did not know that there was a way to be supported as they gathered the information in an organized way and explored these anxiety provoking issues?


So I say to you, if you are not investing your time, and effort, and money in assuring these aspects in your life…join the wave of organizing your life, one issue at a time! Know that there is a way to be supported in doing so!

Contact me to find out how I can help you and/or your friends.

Until next time…



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