Confront Life’s Challenges and Let Your Pansies Grow all the While…

I have several friends who approach life in a similar manner. Confronted with life changing physical injury, one friend always has a smile for others. The other, when confronted with the significant responsibility for the care of a loved one and complex legal matters to contend with, prepares a special meal for a newly engaged couple. A third friend literally finds the interest and positive attribute in every person she meets. Another helps others to explore their genealogy. Yet another creates beautiful glass art pieces while supporting others in living their dreams. I actually could write about the outstanding attributes of all of my friends and I am so fortunate to have them in my life. They are my “posse”. But I digress…

My friend who prepared the meal for her newly engaged friends has a way of approaching life I have had the chance to observe over a long period of time. She takes every opportunity to make good of a difficult situation. When, throughout her career, she was sent to isolated, potentially barren regions of the country, she found the richness of folk art created by people she did not know but whose talent she embraced. When she has had to act as a caregiver in a town other than her own, she finds the best of what may be available to visit, participate in, or enjoy in that town even if her time is limited. An avid reader, she gets joy from the stories she reads as she waits in the emergency room, the waiting area, or at a bedside on behalf of others. She has been known to redecorate an entire house without purchasing one new piece of furniture while waiting for news about a loved ones’ health. But, for me, the most poignant has been watching her create beautiful gardens…the first one in response to her mom’s failing health. After her mom’s passing, she continued to build on her gardening and like another friend who is a musician, is observed to be transformed when doing her gardening. Winter is her least favorite season and spring her favorite yet I never hear her complain about winter. She simply talks about how soon spring will arrive and anticipates it with gusto. Recently, as the snow blanketed her sidewalk, grass, and driveway, I listened to her talk about having changed her closets to her spring wardrobe and having just put her pansies out on the deck. I reflected, “She’s got it right…winters do come as do life’s challenges…One can choose to wallow in the season you do not like or you can get ready for what is to come and plant pansies!”


  • Do you have ways of managing life’s “winters” or do you wallow in the “horror” of your fate?
  • Are you even aware of your opportunities to find joy while dealing with difficult situations?
  • Do you play the role of a “martyr”?
  • Are you surrounded by people who can also join you in “planting pansies”?

Share your thoughts below.


Until next time…


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