Are You Aware Of New Year’s Resolution Statistic’s?

Original  post from January 7, 2015

As the independent, organized, focused professional you are, you’ve probably made your New Year’s Resolutions. Are you in the 8% or the 92% category?

According to surveys and studies, of those who make resolutions on New Year’s Day, 8% will manage to keep them and 92% will fail to keep them. 80% of the people who make resolutions have failed by January 20th.


 Most of the resolutions made are in the IAAM (It’s All About Me) category. The most popular IAAM ones have to do with self-care (lose weight, get fit, and get adequate sleep). Within weeks of making the resolution, you find yourself slipping into old patterns, usually giving up your plan and goals for the needs of others…your family, your friends, your boss. By the way, as the independent, organized, focused professional you are, you are likely to make sure that, if you have anything to do with it, the plans and goals for others are met.

So what is your pattern? unnamed2

  • Do you make IAAM resolutions year after year and find yourself unable to keep them?
  • Have you decided to change this pattern?
  • Have you thought about why you have not had the success the people you support have with their plans and goals?


Here is the thing. Those around you have built in support…YOU! They have someone to help them decide on their plan and their goals…to map out strategies…to prompt them when their resolve to stay on target weakens…to help them readjust their effort when needed and to see them through until their goals are met.

Female silhouette in a yoga pose against sunset

So what about you? In 20015 will you continue to stand alone and fail to take care of you? Or, will you seek the support you need to take care of you…Remember to care for yourself and Embrace your IAAM needs.

More to come…


Fell free to leave comments and/or experiences below.


Thank You

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