Do You Have an IAAM trainer?

Friday was my 19th visit to the gym since the beginning of 2015. One of my “It’s All About Me” (IAAM) commitments this year is to stay in touch with, and to focus on, my physical fitness. Not only have I joined the gym, but I’ve signed up with a trainer who is right for me. As a former gym enthusiast, I have worked with other trainers, many of whom were invested in themselves…trying to “break” their trainees rather than to “engage” them. I came `to my first session prepared. I provided my training history, pertinent medical history, and I asked questions. It has been so encouraging to work with someone who listened to me, evaluated and reevaluated my capacity, started my training with what I enjoyed, helped me to advance to more difficult steps, even on my less favorite activities, without the “drama” of some of the television examples of training we see, shaped my training to avoid injury, and ultimately kept me on my IAAM path.

While at the gym, I met a woman who was about to sign up with the same trainer. As we talked, she shared the story of seeking help from her doctor. She had been experiencing a multitude of symptoms including sudden weight gain, hot flashes, low energy, depression and more. Upon consulting her doctor, she was advised, “You’re young, don’t worry!” No tests were given or recommended, no further advice was given, no family history was taken, and the woman was sent home with no sense of hope as to the genesis of her symptoms or the possibilities for treating them. The doctor who should have been her IAAM “physician trainer” neither listened to her, nor did he appropriately evaluate her, nor did he properly advise her. Obviously, this woman should find another physician but the question is whether she will have the psychic energy to do so.

Many have confronted this type of situation. Are you among them? So…

• Do you have IAAM trainers in your life?

• Do you have any idea what evaluations should be conducted or recommended at your doctors’ visits?

• Do you have your questions organized before your visits?

• Do you know how to pursue alternatives to your current doctors if needed? What considerations should be taken in choosing alternatives?

In the coming weeks, Dr. Pam will share information about her coaching program options…Stay tuned and as always feel free to comment below.

Until next time…                                              red20arrow20pointing20down


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