Going The Distance…

It is always enlightening to observe champions and what influences their mindset…that is their belief about whether they can succeed and what contributes to their success. After winning the Australian Open, her 19th Grand Slam, Serena Williams (now over 30 years of age) talked about how her mother spoke to her about life after age 30. She told Serena that, “You get better after you’re 30.” Clearly, this is a continuation of the messaging Serena received early in life…the confirmation that she could be a champion and that she could “go the distance”.

It is likely that the mindset that she could succeed was already in Serena early on.   Serena’s parents, unlike many people who have influence over children, reinforced Serena’s internal knowledge about herself through their messaging early on. Many believe that the way we address situations and challenges in our lives is “hardwired” by age 3…with input from others either affirming or making us doubt our belief that we can achieve what we desire. And so, even in the face of the statistics and sportscasters’ predictions of “doom and gloom” for Serena as she confronted age, illness, and a downturn in the number of games won, her mother’s words reminded Serena of her “mindset”. Serena, recruited a new coach, retrained herself, and successfully pursued what she desired.

So here are the questions you might consider:

  • Are you aware of your mindset and how it connects to your ability to reach your goals?
  • Do you have people in your life who (historically or currently) affirm you or predict doom?
  • Do you know the steps you will take and the resources you will need to set your course toward success?
  • Are you stopped from pursuing your desires because of age, resulting in your not “going the distance”?


How do you feel about mindset? Comment below and if you need help with the impact of mindset in your life, contact Dr. Pam.


One thought on “Going The Distance…

  1. I want to share a recent story about a friend of mine that shows how mind set is more important than age. At age 65 my friend who never really worked out and was not athletic decided to begin running as a “hobby”. He practiced and began running 5k marathons and then longer ones. In 2014 a few weeks before his 69th birthday he ran the 26 mile NY Marathon. Determination and good health took him to the finish line.


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